When a sauna hot room door closes, another door opens

Lake Superior Sauna

Many people think sauna is

a wood paneled room with benches and a stove that makes the room hot.  And you sweat.

Yes, the sauna hot room is part of the sauna experience.  But sauna enthusiasts know that when the sauna hot room door closes behind us, another door opens.

  • There’s the cold shower or lake plunge.  (flushing the pores with a clean rinse).
  • There’s a great tasting cold beverage of choice.  (best served on ice or in ice).
  • There’s great conversation and relaxation.  (chilling out between rounds).

And then, there’s another sauna round.  With a toss of water on the sauna rocks and an “ahhhhh”, it enhances the health and wellness experience.

After a 2-3 hour sauna session, along the shores of Lake Superior – or wherever your sauna escape may be – everything feels great:

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