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612 Sauna Society radio interview: “Good heat is what we’re about”

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January 18, 2020Karoline Lange, President, 612 Sauna Society, was interviewed this morning on WCCO radio. Here is a summary of that interview, and also link below to hear it.

About the 612 Sauna Society sauna

This is a Finnish style sauna with a wood burning stove. This is something we are very proud of because we really want to do authentic sauna and one of the things we really focus on is good heat. So this is not your gym sauna. This is going to be hotter and more authentic. We have a Kuuma Stove which is a great Minnesota thing.

Good heat is what we are about

The sauna society is a welcoming environment. Someone is here to introduce you to sauna, and help you make the best out of your sauna experience.

A member owned mobile sauna. You can book slots online. Towel, flip flops are a good thing. Bathrobe if you like. A water bottle and a suit, of course. We are about introducing people to public sauna. because I think in Minnesota historically (sauna) it has been a private thing. everybody has a sauna at their cabin or doing their family tradition. This is very different.

Sauna with strangers

Sauna culture with the 612 Sauna coop is cool and interesting. Here it is more communicative than the saunas, say in Germany, where it is a wellness tradition. I am from Germany where it is very silent in the sauna.

It is a great way to connect with people. A wellness community building project. Very distinct and out there.

Sauna is a very old tradition

In the iron range part of Minnesota, sauna is a very old tradition. It is becoming more focused in the Medical community. Benefits from a cardiovascular standpoint. A protective effect for neurodegenerative diseases. MN. Sauna shouldn’t be a replacement to exercise. Promotes blood flow.

We have a residency at Hidden Beach and you can do cold plunge there.

$25.00 for 90 minutes. It is not intended that you sit in the sauna for 90 minutes, you can come and go into the sauna as many times as you wish.. you can go back and forth anytime you please.

This is a body positive environment

You can be comfortable amongst strangers wearing a swimsuit. This is a welcoming environment, It may be a high threshold, and public sauna may not be for everybody. We understand that it can be a bit of an experiment but we have hosts on staff to help with the experience.

Full interview here.

Karoline, President 612 Sauna Society between sauna rounds outside the 612 Mobile Sauna
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