Actor Colin Farrell puts Infrared in its place with Ellen DeGeneres

Actor Colin Farrell was on the Ellen show the other day.  He explains why he prefers the authentic sauna experience, a more penetrating heat where one can toss water on sauna rocks.  Ellen DeGeneres is hot on the infrared light bulb closet.

Both Farrell and DeGeneres agree that sweating is good for you, ridding toxins.  Colin Ferrell refers to the “primal” experience of an authentic sauna.  Farrell, Prince Andrew, Johnny Depp, Gwyneth Paltrow, the list goes on, and it’s funny because after someone famous acknowledges AUTHENTIC sauna, folks then begin to become aware of the difference.

Like yoga or Greek Yogurt, folks have been tuned into sauna well before someone with a pretty face said it’s a good thing.  And like yoga or Greek Yogurt, folks engage in sauna because it resonates and works for them.  So, hat’s off to Colin Farrell.   He’s probably a great guy.  And if famous people endorsing authentic sauna is a building block towards the growth and awareness of the authentic sauna experience, well, that’s a good thing.

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