Casey Veggies and PSY bring “Sauna” to rapstream, faux pas and all.

Remember looking at a cereal box cartoon with the instructions: “find five things wrong in this photo.”?

Most of Casey Veggies sauna faux pas are as obvious as the entire rap culture.  If this isn’t enough, ‘Gangnam Style’ is now the most watched Youtube video of all time. And if you’re one of the billion viewers, you’ll catch Korean rapper(?) Psy in the sauna, too, minus the blunt and popcorn.:

3 thoughts on “Casey Veggies and PSY bring “Sauna” to rapstream, faux pas and all.”

  1. Glenn:

    You should be proud that your post actually forced me to sit down and watch “Gangnam Style” for the first time. I’ll defend him. PSY is a goofball tour guide of Seoul’s Gangnam neighborhood. If he left out a sauna in his video (and those pool shots are in a sauna as well) it would be like Randy Newman leaving out shots of Disneyland in the “I Love LA” video. (

    I’m still trying to figure out Casey Veggie’s video. What the hell is the popcorn doing in there?

  2. Are you angriest that Casey Veggie is using an electric sauna stove? The only other faux pas I see is the guy wearing high tops.

    You need to change your attitude about PSY. Obviously sauna was important enough to him that he feature in the video. Woudl you have rather seen him in a hot tub? Cmon Glenn, lighten up.

  3. Not angry at all, Joe, i think it’s great and i’ll have some popcorn and “lighten” up. 🙂 Chris, excellent point on PSY. Randy Newman analogy: great stuff, and congrats on joining the group of billion viewers. (I wasn’t far behind, my first viewing was after the first 800 million or so).

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