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Concerns about building your own sauna? “Don’t let the downside of the risk outweigh the opportunity.”

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Chris Sacca is a tech venture capitalist worth a mile North of $1BB.

I had to tell you this to get your attention which is too bad because Chris Sacca strikes me as a totally awesome guy no matter what his worth.   And not just because he grew up a bike ride from where I grew up outside Buffalo, NY.

In an interview recently, Chris said:

“Don’t let the downside of the risk outweigh the opportunity.”

Sure he was talking about investing in start ups like AirBnB and Twitter – of which he happens to own a pant load.

Having said this, as we look at his statement relative to your your own authentic sauna dreams, consider your downside risks which may include:

  1. Freaked out insurance man
  2. Upset neighbor
  3. Uptight building inspector

Are you really going to let any of these downside risks get in your way of your health and wellness opportunity?

We only live once.

Today is your chance to make the life you are living better.

Now is the time for your own authentic Finnish sauna and dig thyself Apres ski.

Chris Sacca, perhaps pondering virtues of authentic sauna vs. his Jam Tub hot tub

Jamel Toppin for Forbes

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