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Finnish Sauna Society board member visits Saunatimes, bearing gifts and praise

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How do you report on a story complimenting your work?

Yesterday, I met with Hannu Saintula, Board Member for The Finnish Sauna Society.  Hannu had contacted me a few weeks previous:

Email from Finnish Sauna Society to Saunatimes
Email from Finnish Sauna Society to Saunatimes. Scandinavian efficiency.

We didn’t have time for sauna, about which we were equally sad.  I understand how when planning from afar, it all looks so easy.  So, we met rink side.  Hannu was able to focus on his purpose: U18 Finnish hockey.  As the team practiced behind us, Hannu began presenting me with a seemingly never ending series of gifts from Finland.

Hannu presenting gifts to saunatimes
Hannu presenting gifts to saunatimes: note printing on bag – “Sauna Pro”

I was overwhelmed by the Finnish Sauna Society’s warm hearted generosity.  Almost speechless.  The gifts ranged from Finnish chocolate bars, sauna books, postcards, soap, sauna elf stones, and the pinnacle of thoughtfulness: an Arto water scoop manufactured by Pinetta-Tuote Oy.

Finnish Sauna Society gifts for saunatimes
Finnish Sauna Society gifts for saunatimes

Hannu and I quickly connected.  We talked about sauna, of course.  We shared a bit about how we sauna, and we were both so pleasantly warmed to know of many similarities to our sauna experiences and practices.  We talked about our mutual friend, Jarmo Lehtola, President Finnish Sauna Society.  Saunatimes is deeply moved to be recognized by an organization that cares about and has such deep integrity to sauna.

Today, I was reaffirmed by our purpose: advancing AUTHENTIC sauna culture.

Meet Hannu by clicking this box:

Finland is a country with just over 5 million people and 3 million saunas – more saunas than cars!  When Finland plays hockey, let’s give them the warmest encouragement. Next trip through, I promise we will wheel up to the hockey rink an AUTHENTIC Finnish mobile sauna to make the team feel at home.

A country of 5 million sharing with the world health and wellness and outstanding hockey players.
A country of 5 million producing health & wellness AND outstanding hockey players.
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2 thoughts on “Finnish Sauna Society board member visits Saunatimes, bearing gifts and praise”

  1. You are glad to get these liqueur fills: Finnland is famous for it! Hannu seems to be a sympathic guy as well, I am astonished his country has almost as many saunas as people! Thank You for the post!

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