Johnny Depp finds inspiration and creativity in his own sauna – a kindred spirit to us at Saunatimes.

A lot of famous people dig the authentic sauna experience.  It begs the chicken and egg question of which came first, creative success or appreciation of sauna.  Either way, we’ve talked about how the authentic sauna experience is good for one’s head, writing in the sauna, reading in the sauna, etc.  The solitude of sauna helps foster creativity.  Here’s an excerpt from Johnny Depp’s interview in yesterday’s edition of Britain’s Daily Mirror:

Johnny (Depp’s) eccentric and flamboyant Captain Jack is much loved by fans and critics alike. Yet that wild performance, like those of Willy Wonka and the Mad Hatter, was born in the quiet of a sauna.

“I couldn’t come up with the things I need to come up with in a crowd or hanging out with a bunch of people,” he explains.

“Solitude allows you moments of creativity and some of my characters were actually born under extreme circumstances in the heat of the sauna.

“I was by myself in the sauna, 200 degrees, sweating and cooking myself and that’s where Captain Jack and Willy Wonka were born. Weird, but that’s a good kind of solitude.”

We totally agree, Mr. Depp, sauna is a good kind of solitude.

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