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Making it: Sauna Traditions PBS Documentary

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An amazingly well produced PBS documentary.

“Sauna traditions are ingrained in northern cultures. From stove makers to sauna builders, explore the profound and practical influence of the sauna today.”

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11 thoughts on “Making it: Sauna Traditions PBS Documentary”

  1. I know this is not relevant to the Public Sauna Map but can’t find a blog post on that. Want to suggest a few public saunas in the New England area that aren’t listed yet.

    1) UKTS in Pembroke MA I believe is the oldest authentic sauna in New England. / 83 Suomi Rd, Pembroke, MA 02359. Closed due to covid.
    2) Finland Steam Baths in Quincy are semi-public indoor steam rooms. 81 Copeland St, Quincy, MA 02169. Closed due to covid.
    3) Nurture through Nature is taking private bookings during the pandemic, located at 77 Warren Rd, Denmark, ME 04022 >

  2. these are fantastic. All in on the Pembroke, MA sauna and pleased to add these to the Public Sauna Map. Thanks for contributing, Alex.

  3. Glenn,
    I know UKTS sauna very well. My grandfather, my father, me and my son have all enjoyed sauna there. Four generations! It was a very sad day for me and many others when it was closed due to corona virus.
    I have now been involved in building my own sauna in my back yard for the past 4 months and can’t wait until I’m able to light off my Kuuma stove for the 1st time.
    If you are ever in the area I would love to bring you as a guest to UKTS. It is my very special happy place to say the least. There is a male and female side that share a custom made stove that will take up to a 6 ft log! We have a traditionally Finnish saunamaster who keeps the fire going strong 220F. and up. Each side has a changing room, shower room and then the sauna. The place is as if it is in a time capsule and has changed very little over the years.
    It sits on a lake where we would cut a hole in the ice in the winter for the cold plunge.

  4. Excellent documentary Glenn, very well done! I think video capture of the experience is sure to convince others to get on board. It made me want to build another one 🙂

  5. Glenn,
    Great job on the documentary! Nice to see someone so involved in sharing information about sauna. I have also enjoyed your website and podcasts.
    Keep up the good work!

  6. 25 minutes on sauna & the word sweat is not used! Americans have a way of turning deep cultural traditions into white bread.

  7. Great documentary. Have shared with friends and family back in the US.

    Makes me want to get a Kuuma stove here in NZ.

  8. Hi Glenn,
    Thanks for sharing your sauna enthusiasm! I grew up in WI and was introduced to sauna at a young age, however I didn’t fall in love with it until about 15 years ago. Long story short, I’ve been making the most out of a gym sauna and cold shower for years. After many, many moons of dreaming of our own build, my husband and I have taken on our own outdoor sauna build! We are in mid-construction now (your e-book and podcasts have been helpful and inspirational). I will be back in WI visiting in early May, and I am wondering if you have any great sauna recommendations for around the Wausau area (northern WI)? My goal is to scope out a nice build, enjoy sweating with someone who is excited to share their knowledge, and be able to cold plunge between rounds. Thanks for sharing your passion with the world!

  9. Hi Rosy..

    Hmm… yes, actually, I have a couple ideas of nice builds in your area to see.. i’ll email you separately to protect the innocent.

  10. Any insight on when UKTS might re-open? My attempts to contact them The Website and Facebook page have offered no updates for months.

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