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Men’s Health Magazine article on “How Fitness Icon Laird Hamilton Stays in Shape at 55!” lists sauna as tip #2.

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The March issue of Men’s Health Magazine is in news stands. And in my inbox are many links to the article “How Fitness Icon Laird Hamilton Stays in Shape at 55!”

Sauna is prominently promoted and flag waved as “Laird-ism” answer #2 (just behind music and ahead of burpees).

“Not long ago, some studies coming out of Finland alerted Hamilton to the benefits of heat in aiding recovery and he’s been adding sauna sessions to his workouts ever since. He now prefers it over ice. “Sure, we gravitate to ice because it’s more pleasurable,” he says. “If you’ve been running around and you’re hotter than snot and feeling beat up, you’re like ‘yeah numb me’”. But Hamilton learned that the hormones you produce in heat are actually more conducive to recovery. “All my boys and I hit the sauna for at least 15 minutes after we train.”

Men’s Health Magazine, March 2019.

The “studies coming out of Finland” refer to Dr. Jari Laukkanen’s work, detailed here, and here.

And those of us longtime saunatimes readers are well versed at the value of exercise, then sauna, almost as though it is in our DNA.

Sauna Talk, the podcast about authentic sauna, most often recorded in the sauna, has interviewed Scott Olson, creator of Rolerblade and fitness industry legend. Sauna Talk has also interviewed Wim Hof, the Iceman.

Sauna Talk welcomes a conversation on the bench with Laird Hamilton, to discuss further how sauna plays a key part in his fitness regimen, as well as how sauna can help people bolster their fitness program with good vibrations and positive results.

Laird has just launched his new book, Liferider, so we are hoping he is up for a little Sauna Talk.

Laird Hamilton, welcoming guests to sauna after a work out session. (photo:
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