Norwegian students build a contemporary wooden sauna on the sea

Thanks to Rick for passing along this interesting article from Inhabitat.

At Saunatimes, I have helped many dozens build their own sauna.  An untapped potential – for those that are having some difficulty getting their hands around the formula WIT/M = 🙂 –  is to help save the youth of America by mobilizing a team of students, like these happy Norwegians, for a sauna build project.

How to get your own $13,000 sauna for free:

  1. Use the resources from my build your own sauna ebook to help develop your own plan.
  2. Pitch Home Depot or your big box store for a donation of materials for your cause.
  3. Pitch an ice house or trailer company for a donated travel trailer for your cause.
  4. Engage a school, church, soccer team, surf team, or youth organization for volunteers.

Bundle #1-4 into mobilizing your own 8×12 mobile sauna project.  After construction, deploy sauna on location to help advance the health and wellness of your chosen organization in #4.

When not in use:  Sauna can safely idle in your own backyard.


BONUS:  First sauna enthusiast to do above and share photos will receive a *FREE* nICE mug kit.

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