Prince Andrew digs sauna and the secret is out

Yoga is ancient tradition. Authentic devotees adopted yoga with enthusiasm (and for good reason). Those early adopters brought it (by purpose or by accident) to some of the elite – those with lots of coin and time on their hands. For those with coin and time have the freedom to explore, find what is authentic, and pay for it for themselves: (a private yoga instructor for Jane Fonda).

The Jane Fonda’s then went on Oprah with bright smiles and tight fitting clothes “OK Jane, America wants to know. what’s your secret?” Others jumped on board, and it didn’t take long for yoga to rage like Starbucks. “Oh, I’ve been doing yoga for years. It really centers me”.

There is nothing wrong with this. Something authentic, real, that helps is a wonderful thing, especially in today’s phone it in world.

Thus, the parallel:

Johnny Depp, Gwyneth Paltrow, Prince Andrew: “… enjoys the sauna and uses it to unwind in his role as a trade ambassador for the UK.”

Sauna snob or not, it’s cool to connect with other authentic sauna devotees.  Glad you’re with us.

Read more from today’s article in The Daily Mail.

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