Pro football players embrace cold tubs, but that’s just half the story.

Today’s Minneapolis Star Tribune has an article here about how “setting foot in a cold tub can be like stepping into Lake Superior, but a lot of (Minnesota) Vikings swear by it for aches and pains.”

The article explains how sitting in cold tubs “bring new blood and fresh cells to an injured or sore area. They also flush lactic acids and reduce inflammation.”

Yet maximum benefits are achieved by the rubber band theory of sauna therapy:  10-15 minutes in an authentic Finnish sauna, then a proper cool down (jumping in a cold lake, or a long cold shower or a cold tub).  Repeat three times.

Saunatimes suggests that the Minnesota Vikings, and all pro football teams for that matter, carve out 50 square feet or so to outfit locker rooms with an authentic Finnish sauna, wood burning preferred.  With a little proper instruction, players will be able to double the benefit they are currently achieving with cold tub therapy.

NOTE TO ATHLETIC TRAINERS:  Position a walk through shower between sauna and cold tub, so participants may wash off sweat prior to cold plunging.

SUMMARY:  Cold therapy is just half the story.  Sweat Therapy and cold therapy work together for the ultimate “ahhhhhhh!”.

(Jerry Holt/ STAR TRIBUNE/[email protected], reprinted without permission)”]
Vikings Eric Frampton sat in the cold tub after a Thursday practice at Winter Park.

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