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Sauna connects you with the outdoors.

Jane Brainbridge wrote an article in today’s Independent about her trip to Finland.  She talks about how  “nothing really beats exercising outdoors to get the heart going and senses sparking. Whether it’s walking, cycling, running or swimming any of these activities always seem hugely preferable in the open air compared with in the canned atmosphere of an air-conditioned room.”

Then, she notes “Finns’ all-embracing enthusiasm for outdoor exercise.”  Coupled with this is sauna, which “quickly becomes an obsessive part of your life in Finland and in the right location similarly connects you with the outdoors.”

Ah,….  that line rings like a cold water plunge.  We sauna enthusiasts are branching out from the masses, those climate controlled fanatics who circle the parking lot at a health club to get a spot closer to the door.

  • Nature.
  • Sauna.
  • Water.
  • Fire.
  • Air.

Don’t you love our secret?


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  1. Nice post Glenn. I think you are right on. Sauna definitely helps me appreciate the outdoors no matter what the weather is. When the weather is bad, its a better day for sauna. In between rounds in the sauna, I find myself really enjoying the rain, snow, ice, moon, sky, stars, trees. I think this phenomena is part of the spiritual effects of sauna.

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