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Saunatimes digs that Rick Rubin digs sauna

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As you probably know Rick Rubin is a wildly prolific and successful music producer.  But Rick Rubin is also a deep thinker with lots of interesting things to say.  He was interviewed recently by Tim Ferriss.

The interview was recorded in Rick Rubin’s sauna.

How cool is that?

You can listen to it here. 

Rick Rubin touched on some interesting topics thanks to Mr. Ferriss asking some great questions.

Rubin: “The best art divides the audience.”  This is how we feel about AUTHENTIC sauna building.  There are many who would never get their hands around building their own backyard health and wellness retreat.  And there are those that embrace it with great appreciation and satisfaction.  (WIT/M = :)2)

The best art divides the audience.

If I could ask Rick Rubin three things:

  1. Reviewing your discography, Saunatimes readers agree that Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan – The Final Studio Recordings make for better sauna music than SlayerWorld Painted Blood.  Is music sometimes part of your sauna routine, and if so, what kind of things are you listening to when you sauna?
  2. Some would say the ice bath/cold plunge is a key part of sauna therapy.  There’s the rubber band theory of sauna: the expanding and contracting muscles, flushing pores, and endorphin rush.  But how do your cold plunges help you out both physically, and mentally?
  3. What percent increase in sauna appreciation do you think we’d see be if hotel and health club saunas in the US were more kick ass and each had a proper cold plunge?Superior Sauna Sunset



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