Contest – Show us your custom sauna door handle!

There are so many interesting sauna door handles out there.  As we build our own saunas, by the time we get around to making our own sauna doors, we are usually well on a roll.  All our tools are laid out and being used to cut in paneling around windows, ripping trim, boxing in windows.

It is quite rewarding to be building our own saunas!

After mounting our sauna doors, we may be caught a bit off guard.  “Geeze, what should I do for a door handle?”  Some cut out a handle from 2×8 stock.  Some use the wooden handle from a $10.00 leveling trough at Home Depot, and others go to lengths to craft their own custom sauna door handles.

Here are a few photos of the several dozens sent to us at saunatimes:

Glenn’s sauna door handle. Tribute to his favorite tree species (birch) Lake Vermilion, Minnesota.
John’s sauna door handle, Iron Mountain, Michigan.
AJ St. Paul Minnesota (with guest appearance by Montserrat the Brittany)
Kevin’s sauna door handle.
Brian’s sauna door handle, Decorah,,Iowa
Dr. Welch’s sauna door handle, Prince Edward Island, Canada
Susan’s sauna door handle
Allen’s sauna door handle.
Dan, Commerce Michigan: “I made this one from a vine cut from my property, sanding off the bark revealed the 2 colors. Clear coated and turned/shaped the two wood feet.”
kraig, Pagosa Springs CO., Made from a part of an Elk Antler.
Aaron’s sauna door handle in natural light, Haapavesi Finland.
Mike’s sauna door handle Viking carving out of deer antler
Troy, V. Rockwood, Ontario: My dad asked me to somehow include in the sauna project a piece of 4×4 western red cedar he’d saved since 1975. After a lot of consideration, I decided to use it for a door handle. The 4×4 chunk was 16” long, which turned out to be a perfect length for a “pull handle” styled handle. A few dowels, corner brackets, glue and finishing nails did the trick to fasten it all together for what seems a solid construction.



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