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Trojan Brands launching a condom for sauna wall temperature probes

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In a surprise move, Trojan Brands, a Division of Church & Dwight, Mercer County New Jersey, announced today their launching of a condom for temperature probes, also referred to as thermo sensors.

April 1, 2023, Mercer County New Jersey

Why a covering for sauna temperature probes

Splashing cold water on wall temperature probes in health club saunas is a long standing technique. Cold water temporarily tricks the thermo sensor into thinking that the room is cooler than it actually is, which then kicks on the sauna stove for more heat. Yet Trojan Vice President of Consumer Affairs Richard Weiner explains the new product a different way: “Safe sex and now safe sauna is what we are all about. We’ve heard enough stories of people spitting water on the temperature probes inside public saunas, and thought it’s time to do something to protect these precious devices.”

UL 875

For electric sauna heaters to be UL certified, they need to conform to electrical standard UL875. Underwriter Laboratories is very particular as to the location of the temperature probe inside an electric heated sauna. The standard stipulates:

“Locate bottom of sensor 5″ from ceiling directly above center of heater. And temperature at the thermal sensor shall not exceed 194°f. (90°c.).

UL 875, page 17b

Everybody knows that directly above the heater is the hottest part of a sauna room. Because of this standard, health club guests to the sauna often need to bring their spring jacket with them as they settle on the bench on the opposite wall of the stove.

typical wells seasoned health club sauna
A typical well seasoned dried sweat chilly health club sauna (sauna rocks not installed for fear of electrocution)

“It was a buzz kill” explains Fred Garvin, a regular to Happy Ending Fitness, Sexton, Ohio. “After work out, I like to stretch out in the sauna. And some days in summer, it felt hotter outside than inside the sauna.”

Some are questioning whether the new Trojan condom for sauna temperature probes isn’t really about protecting the probe but actually insulating the sensor, creating the same “trick” as a cold water splash.

The temperature probe covering works

Whatever the purpose, people like Fred Garvin seem very happy with the product. “It slides on as easy as when I was in college, and now the sauna sure feels hotter! I couldn’t be happier with the Trojan for sauna temperature probe.”

The product is still in pre order stage. Until then, a splash of cold water may be what’s needed to get saunas warm enough to break a sweat.

Finally, when pressed for more on Trojan’s plans for the sauna industry, Mr. Weiner explains: “Next on our list is this silly rule of ‘don’t throw water on the rocks.’ We think that one deserves some of our attention as well.”

To see how one health club addressed the “no water on the rocks” rule, click here.

Happy April 1st From SaunaTimes!

Typical sauna wall temperature probe, awaiting a condom from Trojan for safety and after market insulative purposes

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