World largest sauna built on a small island in Northern Norway

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Thanks to International loyal saunatimes enthusiasts Dave Matthews (Northern England) and Trine Mathisen (Oslo, Norway) for letting us know about this fabulous installation.  The world’s largest sauna was built as part of the arts festival SALT – a cultural platform promoting unique installations, music, and a collection of architectural structures.

Link to more photos and information, thanks to the Designbloom website, here.


What arts festival in YOUR town can you mobilize your own right brain thinking tribesmen and women to build your own sauna installation?  The sauna cat is out of the bag, and your community is waiting.
Have you been to SALT?  Have you partaken in the world’s largest sauna?  Please chime in, we’re excited to hear about it.
worlds-largest-sauna-agora-salt-festival-norway-designboom-05Editors note:  Check out the firewood lengths, cut to size to cube Norweigenly efficiently into the fireboxes of the four wood fired sauna stoves, which I believe are Helo commercial models:

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