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Sauna is more than a hot room

light steam graphic

As sauna becomes more and more popular, more and more sauna enthusiasts are recognizing that sauna is more than a hot room.

In addition to 10-15 minutes sitting on a bench in a 160 -200 degree f. sauna hot room, a sauna session is more “robust” when we:

  • Toss water on the sauna stove rocks.
  • Embrace Loyly (steam created by tossing water on sauna rocks).
  • Become more familiar with our bodies and minds by recognizing that “the time to leave the hot room, is when the idea of jumping into an ice cold lake or rolling in the snow is about the best idea we’ve ever heard.” (Clintmeister)
  • Leave the sauna hot room, and cold plunge, or cold shower, or roll in the fresh snow.
  • Become even more familiar with our bodies and minds by recognizing that what we just did is not crazy, or some macho ploy, but that exposure to extreme hot or cold temperatures improves mitochondrial function that can serve as a catalyst to improve our health. (more here).
  • Be one with our time outside, in nature, allowing our bodies to cool and equalize, as we recognize that our body core is still very warm, like a 180 lb cast iron radiator.
  • Breathe in fresh air.  Deep.
  • Look around and marvel at Nature.
  • Laugh with a friend, a kindred spirit, who is also very much on our wavelength.
  • Relax, unhurried.  No inkling to reach for our cell phones.  Allowing the oneness, until our bodies are completely cooled.
  • Go in the hot room, and do it all again.

As sauna becomes more and more popular, we like sharing with others how sauna is more than a hot room.

A stint in a health club sauna after a work out can present us a blooming flower of goodness, yet experiencing a complete sauna session gives us a full, flowering garden.

Dr. Rhonda Patrick and other health professionals have published papers detailing results of their studies on the benefits of sauna.  We are excited to encourage expanding this kind of research via the utilization of kick ass authentic saunas, deployed in Nature, with cold plunge, such that participants in Sauna Studies will smile that much more broadly, benefit that much more deeply, and once measured, produce even higher positive results.

Sauna is more than a hot room.

Are you a health professional interested in sauna studies?  Please message below, or contact me.  I want to help you build and provide a platform for an even more “robust” sauna experience for your participants.

Steam billowing (photo Brian Peterson)


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6 thoughts on “Sauna is more than a hot room”

  1. See “Wood-Burning Sauna” group on Facebook. Moderated by Christopher and Julie Rice. Very interesting exchanges of information, experiences, and pictures.

  2. Hi Glenn,

    I love what you’re doing with saunatimes and saunatalks. I’d like to quote you and Wim Hof (form your interview with him; I’ll write him too) on my website and also link to this site. Would that be OK for you?


  3. Such an interesting and informative article, Glenn! Various studies have revealed that sauna therapies offer great health benefits, for our heart, respiratory system and blood circulation and body detoxification. Regular sessions can help improve both physical and mental well-being. Moreover, infrared saunas act as anti-depressants and help in reducing stress and anxiety.

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