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Backyard sauna: last outdoor shower of the season

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The day after Thanksgiving, November 27th, 2009.

My outdoor backyard shower is  hooked up to my garden hose, and cost $15 in parts from any hardware store.   It hangs over a branch outside the door to my changing room.  It’s been a wonderful addition to our sauna experience, simulating jumping into a cool lake after a long sauna round.

Yesterday, I could tell that the shower season here in Minnesota was almost over.  As I turned on the shower, it started with a trickle and it took a couple minutes to push ice through the hose.. brrrrr made for an even more refreshing ‘splash’ cooling off under the rushing water.

Outside my backyard sauna with outdoor shower and a misty garden all wet with rain.

Standing under the brisk shower, I said out loud “‘thanks shower, see you in Spring!”, my wife shaking her head with a smile on her face.

Link to how to make your own outdoor shower.

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