Extreme heat index means Hippopotamus style hanging out.

heatwave47 of the 50 States here in the US are under “Extreme Heat Index” which basically means a sauna is everywhere you go outside.

But nobody is outside.  The sun bakes and scorches, and the humidity can be cut with a knife.  My friend Clint talks about the virtues of hot weather sauna here, and me here, but practically speaking, hot summer isn’t the most ideal sauna weather.

For those of us with a sauna by the shores of a cool freshwater lake, we don’t need to be consoled with a violin.

We are not suffering from excessive heat.  Though the heat is reaching us, our sauna cool down sessions are more effective by hanging out in the cooler water, like a Hippopotamus.  We all know about proper cool down between sauna rounds – allowing the body core to cool (equalize) – and most of us know that water transfers heat much more quickly than air.  You can only be in 60 degree water for a couple minutes, but you can play 18 holes of golf in 60 degree air.

As you cruise along in your fishing boat, if you see a few heads bobbing in water, check for an authentic sauna by the shores.

But we love sauna in all seasons.  The extended summer just gets us more ready for the return of our old friend and best of all, the extended summer allows us to enjoy a most awesome cold nICE mug.

2 thoughts on “Extreme heat index means Hippopotamus style hanging out.”

  1. I know for out here in the southwest, a sauna in the evening with Temps in the 70′ and 80’s is still refreshing with an out door cold shower.

  2. I adhere to the 10:1 rule. This means that for every one minute you spend hippopotamus style chilling out in the water between sauna rounds, you achieve the same body cooling as 10 minutes sitting on the dock. This is how it feels to me anyway :).

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