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Sauna in the rain, Loraine: everyone should experience this at least once in their life

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Not sure how summer rolls along where you live, but here in the Upper Midwest United States, it seems that at some point every summer, we get a stretch of super hot weather with no rain.  

Summer drought

The grass dries to a golden brown.  There is dust everywhere. It’s as if you can feel anguish in the trees and plants and grass, desperate for life sustaining rain.

Sure, we can enjoy hot weather saunas, but we all know that, typically, our saunas are better in colder or rainy conditions.

Sauna in the rain

So, when the weather app on our phone forecasts rain, to break a summer heatwave, we sauna enthusiasts can be like kids racing to the car to go to the theme park, or maybe hungry dogs salivating while hearing the sound of their food being poured in their dish.

As the sky darkens and thunder roars from a distance, we make our way to our saunas and fire up the sauna stove.

Sometimes we time it right, settling into round one as big drops of rain begin to plop down on the deck outside.

We may move our empty sauna bucket outside, along the gutter’s edge, to catch fresh rain rolling down the roof of our sauna buildings.

A sauna in the rain, after a heat wave is like the return of an old friend.

We toss water on the rocks and settle back to “ahhhhhh” (no other word for it) as steam billows down, taking heat to a deeper level and helping open our pours to that cleansing, therapeutic sweat.

Cooling down in the rain

The real treat, after we’ve reached “serving temp” on the bench, is exiting the hot room to head out to nature, where we are “standing in the rain, Lorraine, hoping to see you again, my friend.”

Sure we can make our way to the dock and jump in. Or we can head over to our outdoor shower and let it roll. Yet there’s that moment during a sauna in the rain where we can feel nature and all its glory. Nobody is outside except ourselves and the trees and plants. If we allow ourselves to pause, we can feel their energy as part of our energy. “ahhhh, this feels great! My leaves are being washed, I am able to drink again! Thank you for this rain!”

We sauna enthusiasts feel the power of Nature between rounds. Euphoria and endorphins rushing as the rain rushing down over our cooling bodies. No rush back into the hot room. A natural mystic rolling through the air.

Sauna in the rain, Loraine. Everyone should experience this at least once in their life.

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