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The worse the weather, the better the sauna

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It is a universal dichotomy: sauna is better when the weather is worse.

Whether you’re a sheep hand in Sheffield, a brick layer in Lahti or a road worker in Rhode Island, could there be anything better than a good sauna session after a long work day outside in the cold, rain, wet snow?

And whether we are fixing fences, laying brick, or fixing potholes, cold damp weather gets to our bones the same, no matter what country we are from. Frigid, bad weather gets right in our bones.

Sure, an accountant from Anaheim can buy into the decline of de climatiz-ation of our modern man. How a constant ambient temperature of 72° f. may feel good, but we’ve become a wimpy species because of it. Our ancestral cavemen used to fight to keep warm, and we used to be chased by tigers. And we used to not eat regular meals not because a wellness podcaster declared fasting good for us, but because that’s how a caveman dealt with day to day.

So, the accountant from Anaheim buys into some thermal action and purchases his cold plunge tank and also, commonly, a lowest common denominator sauna, and next thing you know, he’s uploading his 3 minute cold plunge video to YouTube.

It’s no wonder he feels so great. He’s shocking his body and tapping into his great great great grandfathers endorphin rush.

But those of us living on harsh climates recognize that the worse the weather, the better the sauna. Bad weather is an opportunity for celebration.

The cold. The wind. The rain. Bring it on. Is they all you got ?

Bring it on.

Endorphin rush after cold plunge
The worse the weather, the better the sauna.. a cold winter’s plunge.

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