Crazy “sauna dog” Hank. He loves it. He whines at the door til I let him in and leaves when we hit loyly.

Guest post from Norman:

Hank knows it is sauna time when he hears the crinkling of the dog-food bags I use to store kindling in, even if he is out in the woods, he comes running. Hank is excited a first, then calms down. Sauna gets him a little lethargic. I have to force him to get down off upper bench to the lower. He likes it up there.

Hank the Sauna Dog enjoying a round
Hank the Sauna Dog enjoying a round

What else? He has blue eyes that all the ladies adore.  We play kayak tag on wild lakes in Northern Wisconsin.  Hank runs along shoreline while I paddle. Hank is a great construction companion, especially masonry, and stays hyper alert whenever I run the bobcat. He is OSHA-approved.


By the way, dogs can only thermo-regulate by panting. Even though he clearly enjoys the hell out of it, I keep a close eye on him and send him out for a drink and cool-down. After a while he stands at the door whining to come in again. He lays right under the woodstove in the house too.

EDITORS NOTE:  “sauna dog” Hank may appreciate sauna cat Spirit, shown here.

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  1. It reminds me of when wife goes to airshows with me. She just wants to be with me rather than having a deep and abiding love of aviation.

  2. Hello, My boxer dog Lincoln who is about 8 loves to come into my sauna? I’m not sure if I should allow him too? He sits on the ground..I don’t allow him on the bench. My sauna is a barrel wooden sauna. I’m worried about it…I have no idea if I should continue to do this. Thank you
    Maria and Lincoln

  3. should be fine, the temp stratification in a sauna is pretty gnarly. while it may be 200+ at the ceiling, it should only be around 85 or so at the floor, no worse than a hot summer day. and it will be even cooler at the floor if there is a gap under the door for ventilation, with a fresh ‘breeze’ of outside air down at the floor.

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