Heading to a sauna party? What’s the best gift for the sauna owner?

Guest post series continues.  Thanks to Andrew White, who has been enjoying his backyard sauna with a double dose of negative ions for over five years now.  Enter Andrew:

The best gift for a Sauna owner begins with: “Hi there, can we come by for a sauna?” These days the inquiry may come via e-mail or text. The length of notice varies from days to hours to minutes.  Sometimes you have to say no. But then, you reflect for less time than it takes to write this sentence and say, sure, stop by in an hour or so.

The ritual of clearing the path down to the sauna, firing up the stove and straightening up after the last round begins. As you begin the process, pleasant thoughts come to mind. Going about your business, maybe chopping a hole in the ice of your dunking pond, or ferrying wood down, you pause, and look around you. There is a powerful aura around the sauna. It has a life force that can’t be described.  Perhaps it is your Saunatonttu waking from slumber and preparing for duty?  What exactly the force is is hard to describe. The daily noises around us, refrigerators running, cars driving by, radios playing, all dissipate the closer to sauna you get.

It is quiet near the sauna structure.

Each time you enter to check the fire, the heat energy becomes a little more intense. You stop and enjoy the deep quiet. The heat energy is coaxing and teasing you to sit for a few minutes and anticipate the run up to sauna time.

But you must keep about your business. Guests will be arriving, and they are eager to enjoy sauna. On you go, remembering the last sauna party when a friend’s daughter came back to the house from her first ever round and said, “wow, why haven’t I done that before?” Folks who may have resisted in the past, begin to talk about “doing it”. All you need to do is deliver up other guests flush in the face, energized and deeply relaxed. Over time, most people cross their internal resistance, and try it. Now they get it. Ah, this is what it is all about.  There’s more. It is a holiday weekend, family is flung to the world due to unexpected events. Yet, your home becomes a destination for people who want to share a common experience.

You understand that approaching 20 minutes in sauna brings everyone to the same threshold.

Religion and politics fade into the background. We all experience the same thing. We are all the same.

The best gift for a Sauna owner begins with: “Hi there, can we come by for a sauna?”



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