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Zen and the art of tool maintenance

Guest post from Antoine who is all charged up about power tools. Enter Antoine:

Proper power tool maintenance tips

As a home owner, you might have invested money on various power tools for different kinds of DIY jobs at home. Though a certain amount of wear and tear is natural while using the tools for various works, you need to take proper care of your tools to prevent major damages to your most handy tools. You can prolong the life of your tools by following the tips given below in maintaining the power tools and you can continue the use of the tools for a long time to come.

Keep And Read The User Manual

The user manual will give the complete instructions for using and maintaining your tools. So, you need to read the instructions and maintenance tips provided in the manual to ensure that you are maintaining the tool the proper way. This will prevent any chances of damage caused by improper use of the item or improper maintenance procedures resulting from your ignorance.

Store The Tools Properly

You need to store the tools in a dry and secure place away from humidity and dust when the machine is not in use. The best place to store your power tools are the original cases. Most of the power tools come in hard plastic cases which protect the tools from humidity. You can add silica gel packs in the cases to keep the moisture away.

Removing Dust And Shavings

Dust, wood and metal shavings can damage the motor of cordless power tools. You can use an air compressor to remove the dust and shavings from the vents and other openings in the tool. Removing the dust can prevent the need for replacement parts.

Cleaning The Tools

Though it will be difficult to clean the tools after each work, it is necessary that you clean them regularly to keep them in good working condition. You will need only a few minutes to do the cleaning job and it can increase the life of the tool considerably. You can save money spent on repairing the tool if you clean and maintain them after every use. You need to lubricate the moving parts of the tool regularly and you have to sharpen the cutting attachments to extend its life.

Keep The Cords Coiled

If you are using corded power tools, you need to keep the cords properly coiled after use. If the cords get damaged it will affect how the tools performs. So, it is necessary that you keep the cords coiled to protect them.

Get The Help Of Experts

If your power tools are not functioning properly, you need to contact an expert repair service to do the job. Do not try to repair the tool by yourself if you do not have the knowledge to repair the item. If you leave the tool in the hands of a person who does not have the right knowledge to repair it, you will be damaging the tool. So, it is important that you have the right training to safely use and maintain your power tools.

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