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Bubble wrap: sauna building secret #5

Building a sauna without using foil bubble wrap is like building a shower and tiling right on sheet rock.  It may work for awhile, but at some point it may very well get yucky.  When you are offered such a wonderful product, it’d be a shame not to use it.

Foil bubble wrap

  • is easy to apply: just use a staple gun and staple it to your studs.
  • is easy to work with: foil tape your seems and around light switches, etc.
  • performs fantastically: heat gets radiated back into your sauna and it creates a superior vapor barrier, protecting your structure and isolating moisture and loyly.

Foil bubble wrap is finding applications well beyond sauna.  It is an emerging building material that you’ll be seeing more of, in more practical applications and uses.  Foil bubble wrap automobile?

Home building centers sell foil bubble wrap in the insulation department.  Here’s Ace Hardware’s offer.


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  1. Hi Iam building a sauna. Was wondering about the bubblewrap it says its not rated for over 180 degrees. I know that is hot but couldn’t parts of the sauna get that hot. I will take some pictures. I probably put it on the bottom parts where it is cement block. Thanks chris

  2. Where did you find the spec information regarding 180 degrees Chris? I am looking for materials to construct an insulated version of a barrel-type sauna and was thinking about this product.

  3. Yes. Foil bubble wrap is the best, my opinion. And it is readily available. Some use straight reflective foil wrap, without the bubble behind, and this is great product too. I like the Depot / Menards big box availability and ease of use with the foil bubble product. Just me.

  4. Can anyone comment about the use of foil-backed insulation (as a vapor barrier and additional insulation) between the studs and the interior cedar T&G for a sauna. It would replace the foil vapor barrier.

  5. Eric: You can use this yet I prefer the foil vapor barrier as it creates a complete vapor envelope of entire hot room. Foil backed rigid is good, but you have exposed wood studs, and potential minor air breach between joists (studs). Best to cover everything with foil reflective vapor barrier when conventional frame building our saunas.

  6. Yes, we foil wrap over insulation. Unwrapped insulation is best. And be sure to foil tape the seams and around fixtures, etc.

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