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5 tips on how to not forget anything after your next sauna party

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Anyone who has their own backyard or cabin sauna knows that guests are prone to leave a myriad of things behind.

Sauna owners’ lost and found bins are often overflowing. A recent look through the 612 Sauna Society lost and found bin revealed such common forgotten items as:

  • water bottles
  • used towels (eww)
  • left behind Troxers, bathing suits, or underwear (more eww)
  • sunglasses
  • t shirts
  • beer koozie
  • copy of Proust, In Search of Lost Time, 3rd edition

After a sauna party, if you find yourself almost back home but suddenly jolted with “damn, i forgot my…,” well don’t despair.  Most sauna guests forget something.  It’s part of what happens with a good sauna session.  Our minds are elsewhere.  We are much more right brain focused and relaxed.  We would forget our car keys if we weren’t driving home.

So, here’s a simple tip so you won’t ever forget anything at a sauna party:

Don’t bring anything.

That’s right don’t bring anything.  That’s what I do.

  • Water bottle? – drink 32 oz. of water before you go to a sauna party.
  • Towel? – use your T shirt to dry off, then stick it in your back pocket.
  • Sunglasses – leave them at home or in the car (if driving).
  • Proust – don’t bring the book.
  • Troxers, bathing suit, or underwear?  Wear them to sauna.  Bring them home after sauna.

There is nothing more liberating than bringing nothing.

Once we start to become more comfortable with nothing, we start to become more free.

Feeling free after sauna


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