A fall sauna is like the return of an old friend

Most sauna enthusiasts live in climates with distinct seasons.  Summer saunas are often enjoyed by the lapping shores of a lake cabin or cottage.  Twilight that goes on forever, dodging mosquitoes between rounds and that euphoric splash off the dock.

Yet fall saunas offer their own magic.  The leaves drop, the nights turn crisp, heavy low lying dark clouds, gusty Northwest winds pushing flocks of geese South.  Cold wind ripping down the alley at dawn can sure be a lonely feeling.  Yet we authentic Finnish sauna enthusiasts crack a smile.  We step outside our homes, into the cold air with a towel and a cold drink, and head out to our outdoor saunas.

Greeting us is the warm crackle and glow of our saunas. “Bring on the cold,” we say.  We are not alone.  We welcome the return of our old friend.


A fall sauna on Pine Island, Northern Minnesota

4 thoughts on “A fall sauna is like the return of an old friend”

  1. This is perhaps the great benefit of owning a sauna in Minnesota Glenn. As I start heading out to the car in the morning and it becomes more and more frigid, I actually get a little giddy. I’m excited for bitter ice cold weather because that’s when the sauna really comes alive. Great post.

  2. Well said Clint, only way to look forward to MN winters is to hit them head on. Sauna’s are definitely one way to go. Love it.


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