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A sauna concept that most likely resonates with your sensibilities

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Sauna is a centuries old tradition

Sauna isn’t some new fangled scheme to shake out your hard earned cash.  Unless we’re talking infrared hucksters, sauna has been quietly enjoyed and practiced in Finland for centuries, without marketing, advertising, or promotion.

Sauna celebrates nature

In North America, folks are moving the sauna AWAY from the compromised health club and into their own backyards, where – between rounds – they are able to look up at the moon and take a deep breath of fresh air and marvel at how good it feels.  Many enjoy sauna at their lake cabins or cottages, while others are carving our a neglected corner in their own backyards to build their own health and wellness retreats.  A sauna in one’s backyard or cabin or cottage invites nature into the sauna routine.   The sparkle of the moon across a lake – frozen or unfrozen – is indeed a magical experience.  Especially holding a towel with steam billowing off one’s body.  Feeling a cool breeze or a soft drizzle against one’s skin between a sauna round is something special, reserved for us few adventurous spirits.Ice-dipping in Ylläs, Finnish Lapland

Sauna leaves one reset and recharged

In this fast paced world of screens and overstimulation, being able to “check out” to an authentic sauna is akin to taking a vacation.  We pack up our sauna towel, sandals, water bottle and maybe a couple beers and escape from day to day demands and distractions.  We need more of these types of mini vacations.  Sauna allows us to reset and recharge our minds.  And a proper sauna session does more.  Sweat therapy is akin to vigorous exercise.  The endorphin rush, like going for a run, gives us a wonderful recharged feeling. A body reset.  The expanding and contracting of muscles through a few sauna rounds helps relax the body.  A few stretches between sauna rounds restores the body to where it is supposed to be.  And the mind follows.

Sauna is something that resonates with your sensibilities.

Wingardhs Mill House is a manifestation of the Swedish ritual of sauna and bathing. It’s an annex to a old farm in Vastra Karup, the country side of southern Sweden, which was converted into a vacation and sauna house.

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3 thoughts on “A sauna concept that most likely resonates with your sensibilities”

  1. Three weeks ago, we had the good fortune to be at the cabin and in the sauna when the Northern Lights lit up the sky. I sat on the top bench, turned out the light and marveled at the show just outside my window. My wife and daughter were standing in the yard in coats and hats as my son and I joined them, steam pouring off both of us. The show only lasted fifteen or twenty minutes, but was the best display any of us had seen in years. It was just one more special cabin/sauna experience that money can’t buy but is nonetheless priceless.

  2. back in august, i happened to be outside between rounds when a fast-moving object paced across the sky. i marveled with how consistent the path and intensity of the light was. looked online later that evening and realized it was the international space station. i probably wouldn’t have even been outside if i wasn’t in sauna mode!

  3. Hard to put into words the feeling between sauna rounds, as ones senses open up to the beauty around us. At our cabin, it can be the simple soft flutter of Aspen/Poplar leaves in the wind. Or the shimmer of the sun’s reflection off the lake.

    In our backyard sauna in Minneapolis, the vista is less expansive but sometimes, looking up at massive elm tree overhead, it sure gets one marveling at the wow of nature… and life itself.

    Sauna mode that money can’t buy indeed!

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