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An open message to anyone in public service: don’t be a dick head to health and wellness

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As sauna becomes more and more popular, folks are building communities around sauna.  Folks are building mobile saunas to share the health and wellness with others.  Folks are mobilizing communities to share how awesome sauna is with others.

This kind of work takes consciousness.  This kind of work takes commitment from a leader with a heart as big as a head pastor at a church.  This kind of work takes a team of folks as committed as a church choir.  Bringing sauna forward in the public realm may lead to a few hick ups:

  • Sure, someone may burn themselves (only once) bumping into the sauna stove.
  • Sure, someone may overheat and leave the hot room feeling like it’s closing time at a bar.
  • Sure, someone may suffer from some ailment and figure out for themselves that sauna isn’t for them.
  • Sure, someone may get worked up about smoke from a wood burning sauna stove, even though sauna stoves, when idling at 170f, emit no smoke.

And we live in a litigious society (with spell check).  So we can cut through the crap and pay up and get insurance to ward off those not in tune to their own bodies and who want to blame someone else for trying to do something good, and maybe get a quick buck in the process.

So, if you are in public service and someone wants to wheel up a mobile sauna, let them.  Embrace it.  It’s like yoga class on the park grass on Saturday morning.  Sauna builds community.  Sauna helps folks get in tune to their bodies.  Sauna helps folks walk down their own roads to health and wellness.  Sauna is awesome.

Don’t let the downside of the risk outweigh the opportunity.

It’s sauna time.  Be open to sauna (in the public realm) in your own community.

When it comes to sauna by a lake, put a red circle around this photo:

rules and regulations
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