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Building your own sauna creates incremental goodness that may help with your day job

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There’s something beneficial about taking a deep breath and considering these two terms:

  • scarcity
  • abundance

Conventional thinkers practice the attitude of scarcity.  You are required to show up at a certain time and leave at a certain time and, if in sales, bring in a number every month that is on plan with the companies high performance sales targets.  We grow sales by taking shelf space from the other guy, and there’s a limited amount of trade funds available so fill out the payment request form completely or it’ll get rejected.

Creative thinkers practice the attitude of abundance.  We use our time productively and wisely and, if in sales, we think about how to help our customers in beneficial ways.  We care about high performance sales targets only in the sense that when we help others and think creatively, the numbers will follow.  We abhor payment request forms.

74% of sauna builders who started their project as conventional thinkers change their ways to become creative thinkers.  Why?  When sauna building, one’s right brain starts to get stronger.  In my Build Your Own Sauna ebook, I encourage the sauna builder to start the process with 50′ carpenters string and four sticks.  By marking off the sauna building location, we start to feel, imagine, and conceptualize.  And the drink we are sipping at that moment starts to taste better.

All throughout the sauna build, there are countless examples where we transition ourselves from conventional thinking to creative thinking.  In my Build Your Own Sauna ebook, I don’t say: “put a 14″x20″ window 36″ from center wall”, but I do say, “think about putting in a candle window between your hot room and your changing room.”

Building a sauna is an empowering experience, and who knows, it may help in other areas of your life, like with your snoring habit and your attitude towards your day job.  And this tee’s the ball up for incremental goodness for when you take your first sauna in your new sauna. “See that window right there?  I put it there.”

Abundance flows.  Scarcity holds.

Rich sauna changing room
Click on the candle window to see more results of Rich’s creative thinking.


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