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Caring is contagious

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A subtle yet impressive thing happened to me today while picking up Chipotle for the family.  As I passed through the assembly line to the cash resister I announce “3 chicken burritos” to the cashier.

Without skipping a beat, he says “$20.11 please” and then reaches for the cash register to punch in my order.  As he scans my credit card, I begin quizzing him:

“one steak, one chicken?” He throws me back the price.

“four chicken, one steak?” He hesitates… “um… $34.80?  I’m still learning that one.”

“what’s the most popular order?”  “$6.80” he answers, smiling.

“How long have you been working here?” I ask.  “2 months now.”

A cashier at Chipotle surely isn’t this young man’s dream job.  Yet to care enough to memorize prices sure rubbed off on me.

Caring is contagious.


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