Creativity is contagious with sauna building and sauna talking

The famous quote by Albert Einstein: “Creativity is Contagious, pass it on” relates to:

Sauna Building in the backyard

  • Collaborating on a sauna design can bring people together.  Examples include a mobile sauna in Minneapolis and a cottage sauna on Prince Edward Island.
  • Working on a sauna build together affords a contagious atmosphere of right brain thinking, and a better Finnish’ed product.
  • Sharing ideas on where to source building materials and where to find some decent up cycled windows brings forth a bond of kinship and paid forward friendship.

Sauna Talking on the bench

  • Helping a new friend untangle the wires in their head regarding their fledging business helps bring forth a “can do attitude” of control vs. fear.
  • Listening to a story of one’s self discovery about a book project helps the listener realize their own obstacles with their own project.
  • Talking through a creative problem sometimes helps one “see the light” as if the door opened right in front of them.

People seek out places for their own creative contagiousness in many ways.  Shoe horning them into their busy lives.  Examples:

  • Meet Up (one click to add to your calendar!)
  • Continuing Education classes.
  • Collaborative work spaces like Coco

But sauna is different than these examples.  With sauna, you’re almost naked.  With sauna, you sweat.  With sauna, you can just talk when you want to and be yourself with no structure.  We need more sauna talk.

BONUS:  collaborating on a sauna build allows for exponential enjoyment, best quantified by this formula here.  The smiley face is exponential and relates to your satisfaction via collaborating.

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