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Dr. Brene Brown wrestles between courage AND comfort

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Dr, Brene Brown’s  TED talk on Power of Vulnerability has over 21mm views, the most watched TED talk, ever.  Her book Daring Greatly is a NY Times #1 Bestseller and sits by my wife’s bed stand.


She’s at it again:

“You can choose courage or you can choose comfort,” she says. “You cannot have both.”

Wait a minute.  We sauna enthusiasts choose both.  Courage AND Comfort.

We choose the courage to seize the opportunity of owning our own authentic sauna, and relish all the comforts of chilling out in the garden all misty wet with rain between sauna rounds.

Yea, i’m sure we’re missing some point to her aphorism, but we sauna enthusiasts are special because we choose courage AND we choose comfort.  We live with two scoops of both.

Two more words about AND vs. OR:

  1. Thanks to the smartphone, we now live in an “AND” consumer culture.  A cooler isn’t just a cooler anymore.  A cooler keeps your beverages and nICE mugs cold AND has a blender AND a USB port AND an LED light that turns on when you open it AND fat wheels to get through the sand.  Coolest Cooler.
  2. But AND isn’t cool when you’re not present or living in the moment.  When we sauna, we sauna.  We don’t sauna AND do our taxes.  We sauna AND we chill out.

AND: That’s why we dig sauna.

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