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Enjoying sauna and giving up control

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So much in today’s society is about (trying to) be in control:

  • Self monitoring apps.  Walking, running, food intake, and breaths per minute <gasp!>.
  • Everything programmed.  What we watch on TV, music on the treadmill, and the GPS route to the behavioral psychologists office. 
  • Over scheduling, even down to the minute.  “I will be home 8 minutes after 6 pm for dinner”.

Lack of spontaneity, and going with the flow, has produced a bunch of wound up, frail, and cranky people.

Not so in sauna.  When you surrender, you win.

Sauna users leave their watches behind.  They don’t need to time their rounds.

Sauna users go have dinner when they are done with sauna.

Sauna users know how to deal with crappy weather, a flat tire, or a twist in the road.  Finns call it Sisu, inner strength. 

Sauna users don’t need a $30.00 propane tank monitor.  

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3 thoughts on “Enjoying sauna and giving up control”

  1. Hi,
    I found this site searching for information on using a propane heater for a sauna. I’m curious what your thoughts on that are. I live in way south Texas. If we want wood, we have to buy it. I have been looking at the Mr. Heater Buddy propane heater that is for indoor use.

    Thanks for all the great info here. Any advice you can give is appreciated.

  2. The only propane sauna heater I recommend is the one sold out in Idaho by Scandia. But before we start high fiving and looking for affiliate links, I must say, Michael, that this heater is expensive. And it is not a slam dunk. We ran this heater a lot in MN at the Little Box Sauna. My buddy JP wrestled with the pilot and operation all winter long. And it sucks gas (as it should).

    To the plus, the lämpömassa is good.

    But my thing is bigger than that. The jury is out about ventilation and back drafting and all that stuff that can happen in closed spaces with propane burning. You hear from time to time about people getting sick with propane heaters, and small spaces like ice fish houses. I think this heater could work better as a “crank it up, shut it off” system, akin to Chicago Sweatlodge and other commercial banyas, but that’s another rabbit hole.

    Hope my free thinking didn’t confuse.

  3. Thanks for the reply Glenn. Although you replied almost immediately, I didn’t notice it. Meanwhile, I bought the Big Buddy Heater and built a sauna 4x6x7. The Big Buddy doesn’t do the trick heat wise. I’ve look at this one as well:

    My biggest problem is that I told my wife I could build us a sauna for under a $1000. That was before I started looking at heaters 🙂

    The main reason I am looking at propane is that it seems propane heats up the room faster and is more controllable. But perhaps that is not the case?

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