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Are you enjoying your sauna in temperature extremes? Or are we all just regressing to the mean?

light steam graphic

This is the kind of thing we get when we sauna in temperature extremes:

  • “It takes a couple extra sticks of firewood, that’s for sure.”
  • “I notice my door sticks, condensation builds.”
  • “I love the feeling of my hair freezing.”
  • “I usually wear a bathrobe for between sauna rounds.”
  • “I can’t get enough of that cool misty feeling in my changing room.  It’s like some mountain Hawaii waterfall valley or something. It feels awesome!”
This is Fahrenheit, not Celsius.

Sauna in more temperate climates are fine.  But saunas in Nature, in temperature extremes, allow us (as The War On Drugs say) a “Deeper Understanding.”  Wim Hof explains here, how we, as humans have become soft because we have evolved to shield ourselves from temperature extremes.  We go from warm house to warm car to warm office.  We temper our showers “ewww, that’s too cold” and temper our lives to a point that we have lost control of our physiology.

Many have thrown in the towel to cold weather.  To them, I challenge: “you have become soft.”  These folks have regressed to the mean with their tails between their legs.  Sure they can boast about their “perfect weather” yet I would argue that weather extremes are our perfect weather.

We don’t have to sauna in lame ass health club saunas, then stand like fools by the health club pool, never fully cooling down, and then go shower in lame ass health club showers, then get dressed and go home.  For those of us really into sauna, we can carve out a corner in our backyards and feel Nature with a capital N, by creating our own backyard sauna retreats.

Welcome to hard nature.  Welcome to temperature extremes.  Welcome to a Deeper Understanding.

Photo: Brian Peterson


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8 thoughts on “Are you enjoying your sauna in temperature extremes? Or are we all just regressing to the mean?”

  1. As steeper the temperature difference between inside the sauna to outside in the snow the better! If you can’t walk in -30 snow, then the sauna was not hot enough. If you don’t have a desire to make a snow angel, then the sauna needs more fire! I believe, the cooling phase in a sauna session is at least as important as the stay inside the sauna. Anyone willing to experience a sauna in Manitoba? Just let me know, or email to signer at mymts dot net. MS

  2. Health club saunas, generally suck. Most don’t allow sauna on the rocks, most have a 165f governor (limit), most are oversized (bad air), and most don’t let you go outside to enjoy nature (emergency exit only: alarm will sound). Any health club overcoming these objections gets my high five. Any health club wanting to overcome these objections: I’ll bring the sledge hammer.

  3. Currently -39 with the wind chill in Duluth, and I’m enjoying my New Year’s sauna! What a treat to feel my arm hairs freeze during the cool down!

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