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Executive sauna: 4pm and all is well.

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Imagine how the work environment has evolved in just a generation or two:

  1. The booze culture.
  2. The time crunch culture.
  3. The holistic culture.

Is my cocktail ready?

Those familiar with Darren Stevens and Bewitched, are familiar with the advertising executive cocktail hour.  The Martini Lunch.  Wife cooking dutifully in the kitchen, and then pouring a welcome home drink when hearing the ’68 Buick rumble up the driveway.  Then the one income booze culture gave way.

Gotta get there by six!

This culture sure bit us in the ass: busy professionals sneaking away from work to bang out a 40 minute sprint on the treadmill, then a quick stop to the grocery store for a roasted chicken all synchronized to be at Day Care by the 6 pm curfew so as not to be charged a late fee.  Many people have seized up, over maxed their Zanex or credit card or both.

A holistic culture on the rise.

Those who saw this coming got off the train and have committed themselves to a holistic lifestyle, one where checking out, smelling roses, chilling out are all virtuous choices vs. hippy lethargy.  Someone whacked the bees nest and people are flying around like crazy seeking their version of calm.  Starbucks drive through isn’t it. A blow up air plane pillow isn’t it.  Lavender soap isn’t it.

“Sauna will be ready by 4 pm”.  is it.

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1 thought on “Executive sauna: 4pm and all is well.”

  1. Ah yes Glenn. That indeed, is it. For less than the price of one cocktail I can run my sauna for 3 hours. Cheers to laughing and loyly!

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