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Its ok to be a wood (burning) snob.

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If you see a wood pile, can you walk over and identify the species?  Are you in tune to how different wood burns?  Folks with saunas and wood burning fireplaces in cold climates like Alaska, Minnesota, Canada are in tune.  These folks have to be in tune.  Proper BTU management is pretty critical.  Burn crappy wood, be cold.  Burn good wood, stay warm.

My Favorite Wood to Burn:

  1. Birch – burns fairly fast, but hot.  BONUS:  birch bark is nature’s gasoline.
  2. Red Oak – a great winter burning wood.  Long lasting, compact fire, clean hot burn.
  3. Maple – not as intense as oak, yet similar properties.
  4. 2nd LAST PLACE: Jack Pine – takes up space in the fire box and emits little in return.
  5. 1st LAST PLACE: Wet wood, or unseasoned wood, or dried out lifeless wood.

What is your Favorite Wood to Burn in Sauna?:

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