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Let’s talk about communicating

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As you think about communicating with someone, in this multi techno age, today we have basically:

  1. In person
  2. On the phone
  3. Via Email
  4. Text
  5. Social media stuff (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.).

The order is significant as the list is:

  • Most impactful to least
  • Most personal to least
  • Most authentic to least

In this busy, noisy world, there’s pressure to push communication down the list.  “Too busy” for lunch becomes “send me an email.”  So what happens?  Personal connections start to frazzle.  The smartphone becomes our personal connection to family, friends and community.  We all know this stuff, of course.  It’s been talked about (mostly via #5 above, ironically).

What does this have to do with sauna?

Those that have carved out their own space in their backyard for their own authentic sauna have established a place for real connection (#1).   Personal connection becomes deeper when people share an activity together.  A round of golf, a bike ride together, a game of tennis, these activities all build connection. And:

Sauna builds connection.

True meaningful connections.

Where else can you sweat out your story and spend some undisturbed quality time with a friend or family member?

_70185615_helskinki624gettyGreat transom window.turkey saunakids smiling in saunadrinking-beer-in-saunaSomething to think about.

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2 thoughts on “Let’s talk about communicating”

  1. It is about grounding without distractions. It is nice to do alone. It is great to do with others. Friends who have enjoyed our sauna speak of it every time they plan to visit. It is less what I do, than what sauna does.

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