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Minnesota is full of DIY enthusiasts who work with their passion everyday

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Different states must have different DIY work ethics.  One can imagine some of the stereotypes and generalities:

1.  Iowa:  Agrarian farming has evolved from the photo of the guy standing with his pitchfork (next to his wife with the cooking apron) to the John Deere promotion video of that same farmer’s son sitting in his air conditioned combine, back and forth, listening to podcasts while his wife is gainfully employed at the radiology lab in town.  Do they fix their own fences?

Can this farmer’s son fix his own fence like his Dad did?

2.  Oregon:  The old school lumberjack on one end of an old fashioned tree saw has raised a son who is now assistant brewmaster at Olympia – probably an equal trade in the DIY worker index.  Do sons of lumberjacks know how to fix their own fences?

Guys who used these saws could fix their own fences, but what about the children they’ve raised?

3.  Minnesota: Something’s going on here.  In Minnesota, father’s of DIY enthusiasts are raising their sons to know how to fix things, carrying on the tradition from one generation to the next.

We have a third generation authentic Finnish sauna builder welding his own stoves in Northern Minnesota:

Father son sauna stove makers who can each fix their own broken fence posts.

We have a father and son team building super quality custom ice fish houses outside Minneapolis, Minnesota.


And there are countless other examples of people in their garages honing their passions and skills, everyday.  With their own hands.

And we have lots and lots of people building their own backyard saunas.  Right now, there are more than a few Minnesotans sitting in their work cubes by day.  On their nights and weekends, they are in their backyards rolling up their sleeves and discovering and tapping their ancestral genetics to DIY.  With their own hands, these folks are building their own authentic Finnish saunas.  Their own health and wellness retreats.  And they are setting themselves up in wonderful fashion to enjoy their own misty gardens all wet with rain between sauna rounds.

Roofing a sauna also provides cognitive knowledge towards motivation and ability to fix one’s own fence.


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