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Preparing for your next sauna session

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For many, preparing for a sauna session is its own reward.  Lots of people I know enjoy the process of getting ready for sauna.  With a few folks heading over for sauna, the sauna host is often as giddy as a fraternity college student on a Friday evening.  Checking the time, cleaning up the area, feeling the buzz of anticipation of a good time soon to come.  We understand the significance of the social elements of the college experience.  And we sauna owners understand the significance of the social elements of our sauna experiences.

So, we prepare for our sauna sessions with a smile.  As our sauna heats up to temperature, for some of us its:

Whatever it is:

Chop that wood
And carry water
What’s the sound of one hand clapping
Enlightenment, don’t know what it is

But preparing for your next sauna session is a sweet thing.


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1 thought on “Preparing for your next sauna session”

  1. I plan on picking up my sauna this weekend from a friend that no longer has a use for it. While not a wood fired sauna, it is a small stand alone outdoor sauna. I am excited to venture into this world and possibly in time build a wood fired sauna at out lake cabin.

    this site has been awesome for ideas, and reinforces what I want a sauna to be, relaxing and resetting myself often.

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