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Sauna dreaming for when we pull ourselves out of the global pandemic

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Well, I had a dream I
Stood beneath an orange sky

Yes, I had a dream I
Stood beneath an orange sky.

And this dream is in the near future, as we pull ourselves out of the global pandemic, as we emerge from our year in isolation into an expansion of sauna into many exciting places and avenues.

Bookable Sauna Businesses

In communities where there have been no mobile saunas, we will soon find one mobile sauna. In my dream, I see a couple, proudly standing in front of their new mobile sauna. They are excited to share good heat with others in their community.

There will be many more of these.

In communities where we have mobile and brick & mortar sauna businesses, we will soon find these businesses to be busy once again. As people come out of their protective bubbles, immunized and reenergized, we will all be seeking community and tribal outreach with like minded folks. Here in North America, I see pioneers like Stokeyard, Löyly Portland, 612, Wandering, Nomad, Gathering, Red Hot, Driftwood, and a whole map of others being rewarded for their long term commitment to good sauna. In my dream, I see many of my friends standing by their sauna businesses with deserved smiles. We are back in the game. We are kindred spirits sharing the love of sauna.

There will be many more of these.

Backyard saunas after global pandemic

In my dream, I am now hovering above neighborhoods, looking down into backyards and many more have saunas. Therapeutic escapes, steps out the back door, tucked into neglected corners of backyards. I see more family gatherings, couples reconnecting, thermogenical cold plunge action, kids frolicking underneath backyard showers. Happy parents. In one backyard in particular, I see a woman carrying a tray of libations out to the sauna deck, and smiles of joy from reunited guests. In my dream, those (of us) who have invested in our own health and wellness backyard retreats are very happy.

There will be many more of these.

Cabin saunas after global pandemic

In my dream, I am next hovering over a lake. Along the shoreline, I see small structures dotting the shoreline. Nope, not boathouses, but cottage saunas. It is raining. Despite the dark clouds and rain falling, I see children playing in the water, and adults laughing on the dock, in the rain. I see families, friends, and neighbors enjoying sauna time in Nature.

There will be many more of these.

I see the Sauna Research Institute expanding global collaboration, helping validate what we all know is true. Sauna is good for us. I see the sauna industry blossoming with creativity and integrity, much like the craft brewing industry, rewarding authenticity, good heat, and collaborative goodness.

I see more saunas, and I see the World’s Happiest Country sharing their smiles with others who appreciate authentic sauna.

I wake up and I see sauna kicking ass, and I am grateful and honored to be apart of it.

I look forward to seeing you during

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5 thoughts on “Sauna dreaming for when we pull ourselves out of the global pandemic”

  1. Kamiobi:

    That’s great and thanks for sharing! It’s a bit of a parallel universe happening over here in N. America. Many are being drawn to the heat from the cold, and many others are being drawn to the heat because studies say that sauna is good for you. These are primary drivers to sauna over here.

    Let’s stay in touch on this, and would be pleased to correspond more together.

  2. That’s a beautiful vision! I too hope it comes true as and when we pull ourselves out of this global pandemic. We all need to get rid of all the stress we have been building during this time and sauna sessions are the perfect way to do that.

  3. I just found your blog and I am absolutely amazed at your level of passion and insight! I am very much a part of the sauna world as it is both my business and my personal passion. My partner introduced me to the incredible benefits and life transforming qualities of sauna bathing as he lived in Finland, Russia and Japan more than 15 years ago and has been an extreme sauna devotee ever since. He was so in love with saunas that he left his million dollar technology job and revived the oldest and largest American sauna heater business. Since then we have started a few other sauna companies. We have been producing life-changing saunas and sauna heaters ever since. We currently manufacture the only gas-fired sauna heater in the world. This is a perfect fit for the lake-side sauna and/or any other sauna that wants to be completely off the grid. We are so proud of the sauna products we manufacture and would love to partner with you in some way to further the message of how extraordinary saunas are (especially now as health, wellness and stress management could not be more important). I also want to let you and your followers know that as a N. American manufacturer we actually have workers and cedar wood materials available! We know all other suppliers are importing from overseas and have extremely long lead times (40 plus weeks). We are LOCAL USA – so we can help those who need materials to build their home saunas within 4-6 weeks. I apologize for the long comment – I am just thrilled to have found your site. I hope to hear from you and thank you for your amazing work.

  4. aw, shucks Kristen… all these kind words. Well, good on you for what you’re doing and i’m sensing we are very kindred spirits, so I am emailing you separately. The AUTHENTIC sauna revolution is upon us here in USA and it’s very much overdue. Light bulbs, toaster ovens, and outhouses step aside. Authenticity will win the day!

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