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Sauna is a place to incubate your ideas

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Thanks to John from Fairfield IA:

“We have had at least three businesses “incubate” in our saunas.  Starts out with giving our feedback on an idea, and then often wishing the person would just shut up already about their business plan, and then, argh, seeing them getting national attention and bragging that we know them.”

Here in Minnesota, we call it Sauna Talk.

Sauna as an idea “incubator” is something to think – and talk – about…


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2 thoughts on “Sauna is a place to incubate your ideas”

  1. Obviously, business startup people in our sauna group have done a huge amount outside of sauna, but it is a convenient place to run things by others . . . and just like an “elevator pitch”, your time is naturally limited.

    I must have found that picture just as was . . . starting up . . . in 2012. Just went to the site and they are somewhat huge incubator in Northern Europe now. Their actual sauna is just a part of what it takes to start a business, but they certainly have a cool central theme. Search Google Images for “Startup Sauna” and see more pics and logo. Hmm, what city in the US would most resonate with this model that works for the Nordic Nations? What other activity than sauna lends itself to wordplay like sweat equity, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math), being able to take the heat . . . ? And, not sure if they are open-source/creative commons types, but you can’t copyright an idea – just how the idea is packaged. There are a lot things they have thought through that could be re-packaged. Then again maybe they would like to start a chapter in Minneapolis? SiliSteam Valley? (Fairfield is already called SiliCorn Valley.)

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