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Sauna rules are like road signs in the 1800s

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There were no road signs or traffic rules 125 years ago.  People got in their cars and just drove.  That’s how sauna should be and certainly is if you own your own sauna. Yet as sauna becomes more popular in public places like hotels, health clubs and spas, for better or worse, people need rules, signs and instructions for sauna.

Chris at Saunascape provides a guide to sauna etiquette. These are public sauna tips: like sit on a towel, don’t spit on the rocks, and shower before entering sauna as “if you’ve been swimming, there is chlorine on your body that will volatilize in the sauna and can irritate everyone’s eyes and lungs who shares the sauna with you.”

All great tips.

However, with your own sauna you don’t need signs or a list of rules, it’s back to pioneer days.  As my then 10 year old son noted in his school report: “There are no rules to the sauna except no yelling, keep away from the stove and most importantly DON’T leave the door open. So that’s the end of my project hope you learned a lot.”

No rules.  Reason number 14 to get your own authentic Finnish sauna idling in your own backyard.




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