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Sauna towels: mismatched beauty that help wave the flag of freedom

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sauna towelsEvery sauna benefits from a collection of sauna towels.

A stack of sauna towels gets built from:

  1. Towels left behind from previous sauna parties.
  2. Hand me down towels from house towel upgrades.
  3. Hotels and health club towels “found” in gym bags and travel luggage… “oops!”

Sauna towels help wave the flag of freedom because sauna towels don’t have to be cared for like house towels.

  • A used sauna towel can be used to clean up spilled beer.
  • A used sauna towel can be shuffled along the floor to clean up a wet floor.
  • A sauna towel with a frayed end helps define itself and defines its character.

The life of a towel is best followed as:

  1. Premium towel:  Home use.  Guest worthy.
  2. Sauna towel:  Mid life, perfectly adequate.  mismatched.
  3. Ratty towel:  Garage use.  For cars, golf clubs or even to wipe down lawn mower.

There is no reason why the life of a towel can’t be many, many years.

Those that prescribe to a long, fulfilling towel life are folks that are practically minded.  These folks tend to be resourceful.  DIY folks that find additional uses for common things.

Often heard in households with authentic saunas:

“Laundry’s done.  I put a stack of sauna towels by the back door.”

“Gman, it’s sauna time.  I’ve got beers and water.  Bring down a few sauna towels.”

Sauna towels!  Don’t you just love ’em?



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6 thoughts on “Sauna towels: mismatched beauty that help wave the flag of freedom”

  1. I rotate sauna towels:
    1. A sauna towel freshly folded on the sauna towel stack becomes:
    2. A sauna towel on upper hook: I use this towel to dry off after a sauna, and then after using it a couple more times to dry off, it becomes:
    3. A sauna towel on lower hook: that I’ll use a couple more times to stand on and dry off my feet, then return it to the lower hook to use a couple more times as a foot towel. Then, for the last time, a little shuffle around the sauna changing room floor, before sending it to the laundry.

    It’s good to move a towel through the sauna cycle. It reduces sauna towel laundry 38%.

  2. i rotate my regular shower towel through the sauna. after six or seven days, i’ll use the towel in the sauna a couple times before throwing it in the wash. luxury!

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