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Solo saunas are meant to be

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Those of us who have our own saunas know what it’s like to both:

  • host saunas with invited guests.
  • take saunas on our own.

In this ADD age, sometimes we may invite a couple people to sauna and then for a myriad of busy scheduled reasons, we end up taking a solo sauna.   After a solo sauna session, as we towel off, invariably, we hear a voice in our head:

“Damn, that was awesome.  That was meant to be!”

When we sauna alone, it is because we were meant to sauna alone.  After a solo sauna session, maybe we found a new strategy for a project or obstacle in our lives.  Or maybe we needed some quiet time to untangle the wires in our heads, or maybe we just needed to chill out.  Restore.  Recharge.  Reboot.  Whatever thoughts we had or notes we took, it’s all good.

Solo saunas are meant to be.


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6 thoughts on “Solo saunas are meant to be”

  1. Solo sauna for me typically means a little higher Sauna temp than I would have with company, löyly as much, and as often as I like, and more time alone with my thoughts (or with none). The result can be a much more intense sauna session. The best way to de-stress after a stressful day!

  2. I’m just in from a “solo” and couldn’t agree more. I love the time spent alone in my thoughts, in silence, and often crave company as well. Of course with company there are compromises on temperature and amount of conversation, but is worth it for the bonding experience…whether it’s a leisurely session with friends and beers on the weekend, or a visit from a daughter or wife.

  3. I also love solo saunas – I’d say 90% of my saunas are solo. I have friends over once or twice a week, but because I sweat every day it’s usually solo. It’s bliss. Sauna is like enforced meditation … especially on your own. With other people it’s generally quite chatty (except when we hit the löyly), but alone it’s pure silence.

    I tend to think of sauna as “Bullshit Neutralization Therapy”. This applies whether it’s group or solo. And it’s the reason why solo saunas are just as special as group saunas.

    In saunam perpetuam.

  4. I miss Sauna, solo or not. There aren’t many around here where I live in Australia. Some Gyms have them…but they’re more like ‘microwaves’. They don’t even compare to the real thing. I can’t wait to get back to MN for more authentic Sauna.

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