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The power of good over perfection

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As more and more undertake the building of their own saunas, it’s good for us to keep in mind the power of good over perfection.

Those of us who built our own saunas can look to help others. Those of us seeking to build our own can go deep seeking information. In either case, it can become easy to get hung up and tripped up by the extensive pedantic chatter that can unravel itself in places like online social media platforms, the Home Depot aisle, and even the church confessional.

“Forgive me father, i did not use stainless finish nails.”

Being well informed is a wonderful thing. Yet, being over informed can lead us to a place of confusion and second guessing every move. Instead, what a great feeling it is to free our minds with the power of accepting good enough.

  • Is my ceiling too low?
  • Are my benches not wide enough?
  • Is my lower vent too far from the heater?
  • Will I go to jail without a floor drain?

We build our saunas one time, and we get to enjoy them the rest of our lives. If we try to chase perfection, we will we never get there. Instead, like jumping off the cliff at the Wim Hof retreat in Poland, at some point we are best just to go for it.

We are building a place of zen, tranquility, and peace. May the power of good over perfection be with you.

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