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The spiral of opulence

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We have to be careful

As we get older, and more established in our careers, we are (hopefully) starting to accumulate more things and some more disposable income to toss around.  We may find ourselves starting to look at the marketplace with different measures.  A new couch, an upgraded vehicle with seat warmers, maybe even a vacation home.  More disposable income can easily be met with more anxiety.  After the first sheen of happiness wears off, these material things can start to spiral down on us.

There are a few things that can buffer us from the spiral of opulence

REI, in ironic fashion, is chalk full of products that are marketed to assist us in slowing us down from the spiral of opulence.  For some of us, it may be a mountain bike or a pair of hiking shoes.  The ability to get out in nature, to get some endorphins rushing and calories burning, helps us separate from the weight of our material possessions.  For others, it may be travel.  The ability to get out into different cultures, to get some education and worldly infusion, helps us separate from our material possessions back home.  For us, yes we love nature and travel, and yet we also found an awesome way to halt ourselves from the spiral of opulence in our own backyards.

There is safety from the spiral of opulence.

When we slip on our Sauna Shoes, grab our bottle of drinking water, and head out to our sauna retreats, we leave the material world behind.  As we step into our saunas, we start to reconnect to the simple elements of life.  Fire, water, and earth (from our sauna rocks) give us an immediate reconnection to nature.  Earthly elements.  Non materialism.  As we settle into round one on our sauna bench, we start refocusing on our mind, body, and spirit.

Disposable income can easily get us off track.  Our saunas get us back on track.  Our saunas not only get us reset, restored, and rejuvenated, but our saunas get us far away from the material world.  Miles away from the spiral of opulence that can easily mess with us.




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