With sauna, we have no password login issues

Is it just me, or has everything become really complicated?

Just when you get used to this:

a password must be eight characters including one uppercase letter, one special character and alphanumeric characters, including one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and one number or special character.

You must create a new password, because 90 days have passed.

We have all been down in password hell.  Maybe we are just trying to find out how many frequent flyer miles we have, only to get locked out for trying too many times.  Then it’s the dreaded 800 number, on hold for 35 minutes, only to be told by “technical support” that we have to wait 24 hours to reset.  “I forgot which childhood pet I used for my security question, sorrrrrry!!!”

These are moments when we close the laptop and say “fuck it.”  As we light our sauna stoves, we “separate from the hold.”  The elements of fire, water, and air are all that matter.

When we settle into round one and close our eyes, we have no password login issues.  We are logged into all that matters.nw514-trip-to-the-sauna

2 thoughts on “With sauna, we have no password login issues”

  1. i have a website i need to log into once a year and i never remember the login/password. each year i click the ‘forgot login/password’ button, they e-mail me a temp password, i do my thing and then forget about it for another year.

    the system works! #wtf

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