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Folding sauna: a mobile idea that is easy to photoshop

light steam graphic reports on a concept for a mobile pop up sauna.  Great for festivals, gatherings, camping, whatever.  Will founder Elmo Vermijs actualize from the Photoshop version?  Saunatimes has invested building our 8×12 mobile sauna. Elmo could do the same.  As Seth Godin says in his book Linchpin: “real artists ship”.

So, Elmo, here’s our challenge: ship.  Get your product out the door and into the hands of the world.  We’re waiting.


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4 thoughts on “Folding sauna: a mobile idea that is easy to photoshop”

  1. Hi Glenn! I’m thinking about an alternative to this folding sauna: using a regular canvas wall tent. Have you encountered folks doing that? If so, what kind of stove do you think could work in that situation?

    Thanks for your thoughts!

  2. Jenna – While I’ve not been in a tent with a sauna stove, I have been in a canvas wall tent with a collapsible expedition wood stove. I was amazed at how warm it could get in there, especially when people left the damn door closed. Not sauna temp but this was during a cold snap, 20 to 35 below 0. I imagine with a real sauna stove and a smallish tent it would work.

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